When she was 5 years old,her little hands met the camera..
After those curious little hands, she got the curious eyes and started taking photographs.Her father Dr. Tamer should have understood her interest in photography when he bought a new camera for her when she was 9 . She was born in Izmir-Turkey . She studied Statistics at University and after that 4 year degree, she studied Public Relations for 2 years. She worked at a private company as a statistician and campaigne director but photography was always on her mind.She was trying to catch some reasons to be interested in photography more than a hobby.. She took photographs of her friends first.Then she started to work at a tv channel and by the help of working there,she had connections with celebrities and started to take their photographs.However, there was something that pushed her to be professional at.

When she decided to get married in 2007, she searched for photographers who can take photographs that are not classical. After these searches,she understood that she should do this job for brides who think in the same way with her. Since that day she calls herself as “The unique eye of the couples”.

Besides wedding photography, she shoots;

Album covers, Singer posters, Fashion shots, Products, Architectural, Giving birth and babies, Concerts
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